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Ronald H. Chambers

Founder & CEO of The Chambers Group, Ron Chambers is a recognized leader in the identity theft risk management and data safeguarding industry.
Ron holds the professional designation of Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS) from the Institute of Fraud Risk Management.  The CITRMS training is currently the nation's only professional certification program specifically developed to train and equip professionals to understand and address identity theft and related fraud.  The comprehensive CITRMS curriculum addresses risks and issues for consumers, employees, businesses and professional practices.
Ron and his team of trained professionals at The Chambers Group work with small business owners, large corporations, colleges and universities, public and private schools systems and all levels of the health care industry from private practices to large hospitals.
The objective of The Chambers Group is to bring to their client companies a better understanding of identity theft and fraud risks in the workplace, the need for data security standards and policies to protect their employees, their clients/customers/patients and to reduce their exposure to the liability associate with the loss of or improper disposal of sensitive information.

Every employee in your company is a member of your data security team.

Prevention Through Education
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